Feature walls are a super way to add personality style, & a focal point to any room. They offer lots of room for creativity & turn a regular space into something extraordinary. A well-designed wall can make a big difference in your bedroom, living room, or even your bathroom Let’s check out different inspiring ideas in this article, covering various materials, styles, & rooms to help you create your dream space.

The Power of Feature Walls

A feature wall is a standout wall within a room that’s meant catch the eye. Unlike other walls that are usually more low-key, a feature wall is bold & attention-grabbing. It acts as a central point, adding depth & character to your interior design. From feature wall wallpaper to wood feature walls, the choices are pretty much endless.

Benefits of Feature Walls

Adds Visual Interest: A feature wall can break the monotony of a room & add visual interest and a unique touch.

Defines Spaces: In open-plan areas, a feature wall can help define different spaces like separating the living area from the dining area.

Showcases Personality: Through color, texture, or pattern, a feature wall is an awesome way to showcase your personality & style preferences.

Feature Wall Ideas for Bedrooms

Revamp Your Bedroom with a Feature Wall

The bedroom is like your getaway spot for rest and chilling out. A carefully chosen feature wall can boost this vibe, making your bedroom cozy and inviting. Check out these inspiring ideas for a bedroom feature wall:

Bright Colors: Go for bold, contrasting colors on one wall for a striking effect.

Textured Panels: Add texture and depth with feature wall panels like reclaimed wood or 3D panels.

Murals and Artwork: Transform a blank wall into an art display with large-scale murals or framed artwork that resonates with your style.

Feature Wall Wallpaper: Patterns and Prints

Wallpaper Fun

Feature wall wallpaper is an excellent choice for those wanting to add pattern and color without committing to redoing an entire room. Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

Geometric Patterns: Modern patterns that add energy and dynamism.

Nature-Inspired Designs: Floral prints or leafy designs create a calm atmosphere.

Textured Wallpaper: Grass cloth or faux brick wallpapers add warmth and visual interest.

Wood Feature Wall: Warmth and Elegance

Embrace the Beauty of Wood

A wood feature wall brings warmth, texture, and nature’s touch to your home. Here are some ideas for using wood in your feature wall:

Reclaimed Wood: Eco-friendly wood full of character adding rustic charm.

Shiplap Walls: Classic choice offering clean lines and versatile finishes.

Wood Slats: Create modern sleekness with vertical or horizontal wood slats.

Bathroom Feature Wall: Spa-like Serenity

Upgrade Your Bathroom with a Feature Wall

Bathrooms have quickly evolved from functional spaces into spaces designed for relaxation and rejuvenation, creating spa-like experiences in our own bathrooms. An eye-catching feature wall in your bathroom could turn it into the eventual spa retreat!

Bathroom Feature Wall Tiles: Luxurious tiles like mosaic tiles or patterned tiles add elegance.

Natural Stone: Elegant natural stones such as marble bring sophistication.

Wood Accents: Add warmth with sealed wooden accents.

Feature Wall Panels: Versatile and Stylish.

Feature wall panels in various materials let you add character effortlessly to any space. Here are some popular options:

Three-Dimensional (3D) Wall Panels: Add textures painted in various patterns.

Acoustic Panels: Prove sound quality while enhancing aesthetics.

Metal Panels: Add an industrial modern touch ideal for high-tech looks.

Feature Wall Tiles: Durable and Decorative

Tile Your Feature Wall

Feature wall tiles are not limited to bathrooms. They can be used in any room to create a durable and decorative feature wall. Here are some ideas:

Kitchen Backsplash: Extend your kitchen backsplash to create a feature wall. Use colorful or patterned tiles to make a bold statement.

Living Room Fireplace: Frame your fireplace with feature wall tiles to make it the focal point of your living room. Choose tiles that complement your decor and add a touch of elegance.

Outdoor Spaces: Feature wall tiles can also be used in outdoor spaces, such as patios or garden walls. Choose weather-resistant tiles for durability and style.

Tips for Creating a Stunning Feature Wall

Designing Your Dream Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall involves more than just choosing a material or pattern. Here are some tips to ensure your feature wall is stunning and cohesive:

Plan Your Design: Before you start, plan your design. Consider the room’s overall style, color scheme, and the mood you want to create.

Choose the Right Wall: Select a wall that naturally draws attention. In a bedroom, it might be the wall behind the bed. In a living room, it could be the wall with the fireplace.

Balance with the Rest of the Room: Ensure your feature wall complements the rest of the room. It should stand out, but not clash with other elements.

Use Lighting: Lighting can enhance your feature wall. Use spotlights, sconces, or backlighting to highlight textures and patterns.

Accessorize Thoughtfully: Add accessories that enhance your feature wall. Shelves, artwork, and plants can add layers and depth to your design.


A feature wall can be an incredible tool in interior design, capable of elevating any room to grand proportions with just the addition of wallpaper, wood panels or tiles – the key is finding materials and designs that reflect your personal taste and compliment the rest of the decor in your home. By applying some creativity and planning skills you can easily craft stunning feature walls for every space in your home.

Explore Buildrise and contact us to get different ideas, experiment with textures and patterns, and make a bold statement – your feature wall provides you with the chance to showcase your personality while elevating the atmosphere in any given room. Don’t shy away from being creative – embrace every opportunity presented before you and let your ideas emerge from this unique opportunity!

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