What are The Different stages of Snagging Survey

Understanding the Basics of Snagging

1. Purpose of Snagging

2. When Snagging Takes Place

3. Common Snagging Issues

4. The Snagging Process

5. Hiring a Professional

Pre-Construction Snagging: Planning for Perfection

1. Define Clear Quality Standards

2. Detailed Planning and Design Review

3. Selecting the Right Team

Mid-Construction Snagging: Maintaining Standards

  1. Electricity installation
  2. Plumber Work
  3. Structural integrity

1. Quality Control Systems

2. Supplier and Material Verification

3. Communication and Coordination

Pre-Handover Snagging: The Final Check

Post-Handover Snagging: Addressing Late Discoveries

Still confused?

Tips for Effective Snagging

The Role of Technology in Streamlining the Snagging Process

Overcoming Common Challenges in the Snagging Process