Understanding the Basics of Snagging

1. Purpose of Snagging

2. When Snagging Takes Place

3. Common Snagging Issues

4. The Snagging Process

5. Hiring a Professional

Pre-Construction Snagging: Planning for Perfection

1. Define Clear Quality Standards

2. Detailed Planning and Design Review

3. Selecting the Right Team

Mid-Construction Snagging: Maintaining Standards

  1. Electricity installation
  2. Plumber Work
  3. Structural integrity

1. Quality Control Systems

2. Supplier and Material Verification

3. Communication and Coordination

Pre-Handover Snagging: The Final Check

Post-Handover Snagging: Addressing Late Discoveries

Still confused?

Tips for Effective Snagging

The Role of Technology in Streamlining the Snagging Process

Overcoming Common Challenges in the Snagging Process


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